Jane’s Walk NYC 2020: Competition Submission

Jane’s Walk NYC / 2020 / Motion Graphic

Context: Competition Entry
Client: The Municipal Art Society of New York
Year: Jan, 2020
Typology: T-Shirt, Tote, Motion Design
Concept development, Identity creation, Typography, Editorial and Motion Design

From the Event Website: On May 3-5, thousands of New Yorkers took to the streets to celebrate Jane Jacobs and the city we love.

This annual event held the first weekend in May is a global festival of free, volunteer-led walking conversations inspired by urban activist Jane Jacobs. During Jane’s Walk weekend, the simple act of exploring the city is enhanced with personal observations, local history, and civic engagement. Jane’s Walk encourages people to share stories about their neighborhoods, discover unseen aspects of their communities, and connect with visitors and neighbors alike.

The brief was to design a t-shirt for this year’s event. Hence, I decided to design a system that could be scaled and used across media. Using Jacobs’ iconic Hudson Yards grid as a motif for the system, the design celebrated Jane’s vision of the city being a place that encouraged the human encounter.

Jane’s Walk NYC / 2020 / T-Shirt Front

Jane’s Walk NYC / 2020 / T-Shirt Back

Jane’s Walk NYC / 2020 / Tote Design 

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