NeoPomp: A Modular Typeface

Neo Pomp—Typeface Design Project / 2017
Typography II With Paul Soulellis

Every movement in the realm or art, architecture or literature can be reduced to the use of a particular typeface. Dada with the typographic expermients of Francis Picabia, Modernism with the creation of Akzidenz Grotesk, and Post–Modernism with the artistic preregrinations of Ed Fella. I embarked on a similar project, albeit at a far less ambitious scale, of designing a typeface that embodied the principles, and thereby, the aesthetic of the Structural Expressionist movement that gripped the architectural world in the 1970s. 

Structural expressionism, or more commonly referred to as High–tech architecture, rose to prominence in the 1970s, acting as a bridge between the modern, and post modern movements. Like Brutalism, it advanced the notion that a building’s truest form could be represented only through the exposure of its latent structural elements and services. Where it differed from Brutalism, however, was in its embrace of modern building technology. Its liberal use of steel facades, exposed nuts and bolts, spindles, and concrete reflected an attempt at imbuing architecture with the aesthetics of technology. Pioneers of this movement were Renzo Piano, Richard Rogers, Norman Foster, and Santiago Calatrava.  

Neo Pomp / 2018 / Typeface

Neo Pomp / 2018 / Type Specimen Poster
Size: 24 x 36 in

Neo Pomp / 2018 / Typeface in Use

Size: 24 x 36 in

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